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15 years of experience means Dr. Jones is one of Utah's top plastic surgeons and breast augmentation specialists.

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Hi I'm Dr. Jones. Plastic surgery isn't just about “looking good.” Feeling at home in your own skin, loving the body you see in the mirror, beaming with confidence when you leave the house...we're all entitled to those feelings. And that's what I strive to give my patients—not cosmetic surgery, but hope, joy and sky-high self-esteem.

One of the first obstacles I faced as a plastic surgeon in Utah was one that so many doctors overlook: “How can I give the best care to my patients, and also make them feel 100% comfortable and at home?” Many doctors struggle with bedside manner. While very skilled and experienced, surgeons sometimes have a reputation of being cold and distant. But I wanted to change that.

Patient happiness is my number-one concern. Every year, my patients come to me with a vision for their ideal body. It's my job to make that dream a reality. As just about any of my patients will tell you, my team and I are known throughout Utah for getting it right.

All of our efforts are meant to build a healthier, more confident, more beautiful you: From our spa-like facility, the lengthy consultation time we spend discussing your operation, to the state-of-the-art procedures and techniques we use to minimize scarring and optimize results. Are you ready to help us write another success story?

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How to Find the Right Plastic Surgeon (and avoid the wrong one)

It’s easy to spot a bad plastic surgeon…but what about a great one? The answer is probably a lot simpler than you think—here are the sure signs of a professional and competent plastic surgeon. Download for free!

Medjine Buissereth

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“My experience with Dr. Jones was amazing. I consulted with many doctors but I chose Dr. Jones because he made me feel the most comfortable. I've been back for more procedures over the last 4 years. I feel much more confident, and I thank Dr. Jones for that."

Lauren Sherwood

Occupational Sales

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“Love my results! Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. I felt fully informed and comfortable before surgery. Had a few questions after surgery and always got the surgeon on-call. Overall a good experience. I recommend Jones to all my friends."

Robin Roberts

Dental Hygienist

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“I was so nervous to take the plunge with surgery but I am so glad I did! I felt like Dr. Jones and his staff cared. Dr. Jones himself even took me to my car after surgery. They answered all my questions and I felt so comfortable! I love them and love my new boobs!”

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Top Schooling and over 15 Years of Plastic Surgery & Breast Augmentation Experience

Dr. Jones is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the only official board of plastic surgery, the ASPS.

His extensive schooling, training and practical experience involving thousands of happy patients over the years sets him apart as one of Utah's most qualified surgeons—which is one of the reasons Dr. Jones is the president of the Utah State Plastic Surgery Society.

Although Dr. Jones believes every person and procedure is unique, rest assured he's already performed many surgeries for people much like you, and has the skills and experience needed to bring your own unique vision to life.

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Amazing Results

We measure success by our number of 110% satisfied patients. Dr. Jones is one of Utah's most highly rated doctors on Real Self, and is known by people around the world—from Orem to London—for getting the results his patients want, period.

That's because Dr. Jones spends an extensive amount of time with each of his patients to craft the most complete surgery and recovery plan imaginable. And with our rapid recovery breast augmentations, expect minimal down-time, minimal pain, minimal scarring, and maximum happiness.

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State-the-Art Facilities & Office

Dr. Jones' facility is the closest thing to a “one-stop shop” the medical world has to offer. Unlike many other area doctors, Dr. Jones' state-of-the-art Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa offers everything his patients could ever need, all in the convenience of a single location.

That means all of your needs—from consultations to your procedure to follow-up appointments—all take place in one comfortable facility, so you'll never have to travel all over the state just to meet with Dr. Jones, or worry about recovering in a strange, unfamiliar hospital.

Plus, Dr. Jones' schedule is always built around his patients, not the other way around. Although many surgeons may only meet with patients or perform surgeries on 3 or 4 days of the week, Dr. Jones is available Monday through Saturday—because we know waiting isn't fun for anyone.

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Your Questions: Answered

How much does plastic surgery cost?

Procedures vary by doctor based on complexity and your unique body. However, there is one fact that might surprise you…

The average person who comes in for plastic surgery isn't ultra-rich. They aren't even upper-class.

In fact, the average plastic surgery patient is...wait for it...your typical American. Plastic surgery procedures are affordable for a wide range of budgets, so don't be put off about the cost. And rest assured, Dr. Jones' prices are highly competitive.

What's your most popular procedure?

Dr. Jones is skilled in all types of plastic surgery, but breast augmentations are one of his most common. Over the years, Dr. Jones has earned the reputation among his patients as one of Utah's premier breast augmentation experts.

And like most of Dr. Jones' procedures, breast augmentations are eligible for low monthly financing through Care Credit—just another reason to get excited.

Am I a good candidate for plastic surgery?

The best candidates for any surgical procedure have two things in common.

First, good plastic surgery candidates tend to be in pretty good health. Regardless of which procedure you're considering, a healthy body and a robust immune system are key to a fast recovery and getting the best results.

Second, great plastic surgery candidates should have realist expectations for each procedure. Plastic surgery can do incredible things, but it isn't magic. It's unrealistic to expect a surgeon to TOTALLY recreate a certain celebrity's nose (that might not look good on YOU), make you look EXACTLY 40 years younger, or make your breasts PRECISELY a certain cup size.

It's important to have goals for plastic surgery, but those goals should be realistic.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Great candidates for breast augmentation are in generally good health and have realistic expectations for the outcome of their surgery. Breast augmentation is great for:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Small breasts
  • Sagging or drooping breasts resulting from pregnancy
  • Size changes after weight loss
  • Reconstructing your breasts after treatment for breast cancer
  • Correcting previous augmentations or reconstructions you're unsatisfied with

All of the above are totally valid reasons for wanting a breast augmentation—but you should consult with a trained surgeon like Dr. Jones to help choose the best path forward.

How long is plastic surgery recovery?

Very minor procedures will have you back on your feet almost immediately, while more complex or invasive surgeries may take several weeks to recover.

Recovery time relies on how healthy you are, how extensive your changes are, and how skilled your doctor is.

Although some procedures will require you to take it easy for several weeks after your procedure, expect to be able to return to work and non-intensive activities very quickly in most cases.

How long will it take me to recover after my breast augmentation?

Luckily for you, breast augmentations are outpatient, meaning you'll be able to return home the very same day of your procedure.

As for recovery, every body is different. However, most women can resume normal activities less than 2 weeks after their procedure.

During your meetings with Dr. Jones, he'll help you map out a personalized recovery plan for you and your procedure.

Do you offer financing?

Even if your procedure isn't covered by insurance, that doesn't mean the end of your dreams.

Dr. Jones is a partner of Care Credit, which enables many people like you to enjoy the benefits of a new-and-improved life without breaking the bank.

How do I get started?

This is the easy part.

When you're ready to take the next step, get in touch with us ASAP. Just hit that 'Schedule a Consultation' button below, and we'll take care of the rest—setting you up and appointment to meet Dr. Jones 1-on-1 to discuss your hopes for the future, and answer each and every one of your questions. Totally free, absolutely no pressure.

We're here for you when you're ready. Get in touch right now, and let's start writing your success story today.

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