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Meet Dr. Jones

Dr. Trenton C. Jones has over 15 years of plastic surgery experience and is considered one of Utah's top breast implant surgeons (5 star reviews, award winning, amazing results)

Hi I'm Dr. Jones.

If you're seriously considering a breast augmentation to enhance the shape or size of your bust, you're in the right place. Over the last 15 years, I've helped thousands of women just like you achieve the figure they've always dreamed of.

There are many perfectly acceptable reasons to want a breast augmentation. Want to look great? Sure. Want to feel even better? Absolutely. Whether you feel your breasts are too small or asymmetrical, or if you're looking for the perfect reconstruction after breast cancer treatment, we can make it happen.

Because I know even the best doctors struggle to relate with their patients, I make it a personal mission to treat each and every person who walks through my doors like a superstar. By getting to know my patients and their hopes from Day 1, I'm able to craft the most complete, thorough plan to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

If you're ready to take the first step, I encourage you to schedule a no-pressure consultation, so we can figure out if a breast augmentation is right for you.

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Award Winning

Patients' Choice! Patients have picked Dr. Jones as one of Utah's top plastic surgeons every year since 2008.

Why Patients Dr. Jones as their Plastic Surgeon

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Top Schooling and over 15 Years of Experience

Dr. Jones is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the only official board of plastic surgery, the ASPS.

His extensive schooling, training and practical experience involving thousands of happy patients over the years sets him apart as one of Utah's most qualified surgeons—which is one of the reasons Dr. Jones is the president of the Utah State Plastic Surgery Society.

Although Dr. Jones believes every person and procedure is unique, rest assured he's already performed many surgeries for people much like you, and has the skills and experience needed to bring your own unique vision to life.

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Results Patients Love

We measure success by our number of 110% satisfied patients. Dr. Jones is one of Utah's most highly rated doctors on Real Self, and is known by people around the world—from Orem to London—for getting the results his patients want, period.

That's because Dr. Jones spends an extensive amount of time with each of his patients to craft the most complete surgery and recovery plan imaginable. And with our rapid recovery breast augmentations, expect minimal down-time, minimal pain, minimal scarring, and maximum happiness.

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State-the-Art Facilities & Office

Dr. Jones' facility is the closest thing to a “one-stop shop” the medical world has to offer. Unlike many other area doctors, Dr. Jones' state-of-the-art Cascade Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa offers everything his patients could ever need, all in the convenience of a single location.

That means all of your needs—from consultations to your procedure to follow-up appointments—all take place in one comfortable facility, so you'll never have to travel all over the state just to meet with Dr. Jones, or worry about recovering in a strange, unfamiliar hospital.

Plus, Dr. Jones' schedule is always built around his patients, not the other way around. Although many surgeons may only meet with patients or perform surgeries on 3 or 4 days of the week, Dr. Jones is available Monday through Saturday—because we know waiting isn't fun for anyone.

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Your Questions: Answered

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How do I know if I'm a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

Small or asymmetrical breasts? Drooping breasts following breastfeeding and pregnancy? Changes in the size of your breasts because of weight loss? Recently had treatment for breast cancer? Improving or replacing previous breast augmentations or reconstructions?

These are all totally normal reasons for wanting a breast augmentation—but finalizing your decision should be done during a consultation with Dr. Jones, in order to weigh all of your options. The best candidates for breast augmentation surgery have taken the time to weigh their options and make an informed decision.

How long will it take for me to recover after the procedure?

This is a difficult question to answer, because every body and procedure is different. However, a general rule of thumb is that most women can resume normal daily activities in 7-10 days. Even better, breast augmentations are an outpatient surgery—the procedure takes less than 2 hours, and you'll be able to head home without a stay overnight in the hospital.

Of course, you'll need to limit strenuous activity for several weeks after your procedure. Check with Dr. Jones to find out the ideal time line for your own personal recovery.

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How do I get started?

Short answer? Schedule your consultation right now! Meet Dr. Jones for a consultation with ZERO pressure. It's just you and him, discussing the best way to achieve the body of your dreams—no sales pitch, just the facts.

If you're worried about the cost of breast augmentation, don't be. Although Dr. Jones is in very high demand, his procedure prices are very reasonable. Plus, Dr. Jones cosmetic surgery center is conveniently located in Orem Utah. Whether you're coming from Salt Lake City, St. George, or anywhere in Utah county, the office is a relatively short drive away.

More Questions?

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"With Dr. Jones I never felt like just a number. They answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable. I love Dr. Jones and his staff!"

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