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Vitals Patients’ Choice award, a recognition of top rated doctors. Winners are chosen based on millions of reviews and ratings collected in the calendar year from patients. Vitals applied algorithms on top of its robust database to determine the list of physicians eligible for the award season. Annually, only 5 percent of doctors nationwide are named a Vitals Patients’ Choice winner.

After the results were tallied, Vitals compared the data collected on award-winning physicians to all doctors in its comprehensive provider database and found the winners had an average of 28 reviews, while the average doctor nationwide only has eight reviews. Vitals currently counts over 6 million doctor ratings and reviews in its database, the largest collection of doctor information of that kind online.

Analysis also revealed that Vitals Patients’ Choice winners also have two-years more experience than other physicians and see their patients sooner. Nationally, the average wait time is 19 minutes, 16 seconds. Vitals Patients’ Choice doctors see their patients almost 4 minutes sooner, with average wait times of 15 minutes, 29 seconds, on average (roughly 20% sooner).

“Everyone wants a knowledgeable doctor. And in today’s busy world, people want a doctor that values their time and doesn’t keep them waiting. Vitals Patients’ Choice identifies the physicians who patients value for many reasons,” said Mitch Rothschild, Founder and Executive Chairman for Vitals. “We believe these awards are useful in helping consumers search for and select the best qualified doctor.”

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