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10 Liposuction Myths, and Why They’re So Wrong

10 Liposuction Myths, and Why They’re So Wrong

Liposuction might be extremely popular, but there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding the procedure. To help you make an informed decision, let’s look at some of these most common myths—and why they’re just plain wrong.

1. Liposuction is a weight loss procedure.

There is no safe way to lose weight with liposuction. The procedure is meant to shape and contour areas of stubborn fat after exercise and dieting won’t do the trick.

2. Liposuction can remove cellulite.

Liposuction removes fat—and actually, excessive cellulite can reduce the effectiveness of liposuction. That’s because liposuctions removes deep fat deposits, while cellulite lies just beneath the skin.

3. Your fat will come back elsewhere after your procedure.

This myth is more widespread than you might believe. Many people who gain weight after liposuction believe that the fat they lost was somehow ‘redistributed’ to other areas of their body after the procedure.

Liposuction removes fat cells from a specific area of your body. If you continue gaining weight after your procedure, your body’s remaining fat cells will store those excess calories. However, these fat cells won’t be in the places you’re used to—if you had lipo done on your abdomen, there are simply less cells there to store fat—so it gets stored somewhere else.

To see lasting results with liposuction, you MUST eat right and exercise.

4. Liposuction is pain-free.

Although liposuction might sound like it should be painless—since you’re just sucking out fat cells—that’s not quite true. The good news is, your pain shouldn’t be extreme…but you should expect moderate pain for a few weeks after your procedure.

This pain and discomfort is normal, and should subside enough after a few days for you to return to work.

5. There’s an age limit for liposuction.

Age is NOT the main limiting factor for most plastic surgery procedures. Health is.

A woman who jogs daily and eats a balanced diet is can be healthier at 70 than a 30 year-old woman who smokes, eats fast food and never exercises. All of these factors play a big, big role in the success of your procedure, because your body’s overall health affects how fast you’ll recover.

Of course, older patients do tend to have a more difficult time with invasive procedures, so it’s best to consult an experienced surgeon to discuss your options.

6. You should get liposuction if you’re obese.

Again, liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Although it sounds strange, the best candidate for lipo is someone who is just a little bit overweight.

Liposuction works best at targeting exercise-resistant fat deposits. After someone has drawn close to their desired body weight—but these stubborn fat deposits remain—liposuction becomes an attractive option.

7. Only women get liposuction.

Absolutely not. Liposuction is actually one of the most common plastic surgery procedures for men. For guys, the most common areas targeted with lipo are fat deposits in the love handles, chest, or abdomen.

And fortunately, performing lipo on men is very similar to performing it on women—which means the right surgeon is perfectly equipped to work with both sexes.

8. You should remove as much fat as possible.

The more fat you have removed, the higher chance you have of developing issues like irregularities or bumps. A responsible surgeon will work with you to maximize your results without putting your health and appearance at risk.

9. Lipo is/does the same thing as a tummy tuck.

Although liposuction is sometimes combined with tummy tucks to produce enhanced results, they are different procedures. Liposuction removes stubborn fat deposits, while tummy tucks also target excess skin left behind after weight loss or pregnancy.

10. Lipo is so easy, any surgeon can do it.

Liposuction is one of the most commonly conducted plastic surgeries, but that doesn’t mean every surgeon does a great job.

To do lipo right, you need an expert with years of training and experience, and a dedication to serving his patients. You need a doctor who takes the time to meet with you and explain every little detail of your procedure, someone who truly wants to give you the best care imaginable.

Choosing the right surgeon for your liposuction means finding a doctor with a board-certification from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Not only is Dr. Jones board-certified, he’s also the president of Utah’s State Plastic Surgery Society. That means he adheres to the toughest standards of education, ethics and patient happiness in the state of Utah.

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