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11 Butt Lift Myths Busted

11 Butt Lift Myths Busted

There’s way too much misinformation out there about butt lifts. A lot of these myths are scaring away women like you from achieving the butt of your dreams—but are they true?

Let’s take a look at a handful of the most damaging myths, and find out why they’re so wrong.

1. Everyone will know that your butt is fake.

The only way people will know for sure that you got a butt lift is if you choose an inexperienced surgeon, or if you go way too big in the size department.

But undergoing a butt lift to create a tight, feminine figure gives you results that look natural.

Dr. Jones works with all of his patients to choose a size that’s right, period.

2. Your butt won’t feel like the real thing.

This is especially untrue, since most butt lifts utilize your own body fat.

“Donor fat” is taken from other areas of your body with excess fat via liposuction, and used in your butt lift surgery instead of artificial implants.

So yes, your butt will feel real—because it is!

3. Only vain women get butt lifts.

Couldn’t be further from the truth.

Women of all stripes come to Dr. Jones for butt lifts, and none of them do it because they’re ‘vain.’

Butt lifts help you improve the size and shape of your rear, but they also give Dr. Jones’ patients new-found confidence. Only negative people would call these women vain.

4. Plastic surgeons who perform butt lifts are creepy.

Unfortunately, bad doctors do exist. They are VERY few and far between, but they’re out there. Fortunately you have at your fingertips the tools to conduct vast amounts of research on the best, most trustworthy surgeons with hundreds or even thousands of procedures under their belts.

And the vast majority of surgeons—like Dr. Jones—value patient privacy and happiness above all else.

5. Brazilian butt lifts require general anesthesia.

That’s not true. Well, not anymore at least.

The best surgeons are perfectly equipped to perform butt lifts under local anesthesia or twilight sleep, where patients remain ‘awake’ but unaware of going through surgery. By avoiding general anesthesia, you’ll also avoid anesthetic-related nausea, which is very important for this type of procedure.

6. Thin women can’t get butt lifts.

Generally, butt lifts are performed with “donor fat,” fat cells taken from other areas of your body. Obviously, thinner women simply have less potential donor fat. In these cases, your doctor may need to use silicon implants to supplement the lack of available fat.

But to say thin girls can’t get butt lifts is just false.

7. Putting on weight before your surgery will improve results.

That’s not how fat works. When we gain weight, our fat cells grow larger. Losing weight has the opposite effect. Gaining weight before your surgery and losing it afterward will have no effect on your appearance.

8. Gaining weight after surgery will ruin your results.

Also not true. Because of how fat cells work, you will simply be increasing the size of ALL your body’s fat cells, meaning weight gain should be proportional across your whole body.

9. You should go as big as possible, because that’s what celebrities are doing.

Big butts are definitely trendy right now, but trends come and go. A good doctor will advise you on the ideal shape and size for YOUR body, not what the celebs are doing. A proportionate, feminine physique never goes out of style.

10. Brazilian butt lifts are way too much money.

While the cost of a butt lift varies depending on your body and the skill of your surgeon, butt lifts actually cost about the same as breast augmentations—another surgical procedure that provides incredible results.

No matter the surgery, good doctors know that working with patients on price is part of the job. Dr. Jones has competitive pricing and some of the lowest costs for plastic surgery in Utah.

11. Any surgeon can perform a butt lift.

Butt lifts are an increasingly popular procedure, which means more and more surgeons are jumping on the butt lift bandwagon. But not every doctor is made equally.

To achieve truly amazing results, you MUST choose a surgeon with as much training and experience as possible. That means finding a doctor who has performed butt lifts on women of all shapes and sizes, someone who takes the time to answer each and every one of your questions and make you feel at ease.

That means picking a board-certified surgeon for your butt lift, to get the best results and minimize errors. Luckily, Dr. Jones is both board-certified AND the president of the Utah State Plastic Surgery Society, which means he adheres to the strictest standards of ethics, patient happiness and continuing education in the state of Utah.

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