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8 Nose Job Myths, Busted Once and for All

8 Nose Job Myths, Busted Once and for All

Unhappy with your nose, but unsure whether a nose job is right for you?

There’s a lot of wrong information going around about nose jobs, and it’s not making your decision any easier. Let’s take a look at some of these most common myths, and find out exactly why they’re just plain wrong.

1. It’s easy to spot someone who got a nose job.

Sure, it’s easy to tell…when a patient chooses the wrong surgeon.

Inexperienced surgeons are more likely to remove too much cartilage from your nose, resulting in a ‘turned-up’ or pinched appearance—this is what you’re thinking of when you picture botched rhinoplasties.

Great nose jobs, on the other hand, look natural. They’re meant to harmonize with the rest of your face, not cause a distraction. That’s why choosing a great surgeon is so crucial.

2. You can pick whatever shape and size you want.

Lots of people come in for surgery consultations with a firm goal I mind: they want a nose just like Brad Pitt or just like Katy Perry. But that isn’t how rhinoplasty works.

The nose you choose must fit YOU, first and foremost. Such-and-such celebrity’s nose likely looks good on them because of the rest of their facial features, not just because they have a nice nose.

Your surgeon will help you figure out the right shape and size for you and your unique facial structure.

3. Nose jobs need to be re-done every so often.

While a small percentage of rhinoplasties will need to be revisited in the future, generally nose jobs are considered a ‘for-life’ surgical procedure. Your surgeon is aiming to perfect your nose and make sure it lasts—the first time.

Thankfully, most follow-up procedures are typically for very minor issues, like small residual bumps.

4. Only vain people get rhinoplasties.

There’s nothing vain about wanting to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

A nose job is simply a way to enhance your natural appearance to bring it more in line with your ideal self—nothing more.

5. Nose jobs are dangerous.

Nose jobs usually take place under general anesthesia, meaning your whole body is asleep during the procedure. While that might sound scary, general anesthesia is very safe.

Even better, long-term risks and complications of nose jobs are very uncommon and easy to correct.

6. Nose jobs must be performed at a hospital.

Dr. Jones’ facility is fully equipped for all surgical procedures, nose jobs included. Rather than stay in an unfamiliar hospital, you’ll be able to relax and recover in our comfortable office.

7. Nose jobs are the only option if you’re unsatisfied with your nose.

Actually, that’s not true! Using dermal fillers like Juvederm or Radiesse, you can achieve minor corrections without surgery that last up to a whole year.

For major revisions, however, a rhinoplasty is still your best bet.

8. Any surgeon can perform a rhinoplasty.

Yes, many plastic surgeons are capable of performing a nose job. But that doesn’t mean they’re right for your particular procedure.

Only a professional with many years of experience, lengthy training and education, and a commitment to patient happiness knows how to get the absolute best results for your rhinoplasty.

The calling card of an experienced surgeon is a board-certification, which is crucial to minimize your risks and maximize results. Luckily, Dr. Jones is both board-certified and the president of Utah’s State Plastic Surgery Society, meaning he adheres to the toughest standards of ethics, continuing education and patient happiness in Utah.

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