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5 Warning Signs Of A Bad Cosmetic Surgeon

5 Warning Signs Of A Bad Cosmetic Surgeon

Not all doctors are created equal. Some are full of themselves, some too busy for you and your problems, some disappear when you need them, and some shouldn’t even be conducting surgeries in the first place.

So, rather than drawing names out of a hat…here are five early warning signs that your breast augmentation should be performed by a different doctor.

1. Your surgeon cares more about fame than his patients.

Does your doctor spend more time in news interviews and posing with celebrities than he does consulting with patients and operating?

If so, look somewhere else.

Sure, he might really be an elite surgeon. But many of the best cosmetic surgeons don’t need or want to advertise because their results speak for themselves.

2. Your surgeon assumes his opinion is more valuable than yours.

There’s a little joke that goes like this…

A cosmetic surgeon introduces himself to a new patient. “Wow, you sure came to the right place!” he says. “As it turns out, I specialize in butt lifts! I think I can really help you out!”

The patient scrunches up her nose a bit and, with her head cocked to one side replies “Oh…thanks. But I’m actually interested in a boob job.”

A joke to be sure, but grounded firmly in reality. The doctor who is already planning out procedures the second he sets eyes on you is too absorbed with himself to really consider your needs.

If that’s the sort of vibe your surgeon is giving, head somewhere else.

3. Your surgeon doesn’t know what he’s doing.

“I went in for a boob job and left with a bigger nose!”

Sometimes doctors just aren’t that good. It’s scary, but not all professionals are created equal.

While you should definitely consult with surgeons in person, it’s a good idea to talk with his former patients and read reviews of his practice online before you waste any time.

Does he have a long history of botching the first procedure? Next!

Is his Yelp profile littered with complaints from patients who had to use another doctor to fix mistakes from the first guy? Move along.

Don’t let yourself be “practice” for a surgeon while he tries to get better. There are plenty of experienced professionals out there who will treat your body like a work of art instead of a sketchpad.

4. Your surgeon disappears after your procedure is finished.

Did your doctor stop returning your calls after the check cleared?

Sometimes your surgeon disappears when you need him most. Not only should your doctor be following up with you giving you tips to speed up the breast implant recovery process but if there’s a problem with your procedure, you’re in extreme pain, and you NEED to talk to the doctor RIGHT NOW…and he’s nowhere to be found?

That’s a situation you don’t want to be in.

Sadly that sort of thing does happen. Your surgeon is off skiing in Aspen and you’re panicking. It’s not fair, and the best cosmetic surgeons know their job isn’t finished until you’ve completely recovered.

By maintaining frequent contact and periodic follow-up visits, great doctors adjust your recovery plan on the fly based on how you feel.

5. Your surgeon doesn’t have the right training…or enough of it.

There’s a big difference between somebody who’s qualified to perform a breast augmentation and someone who’s both qualified and experienced enough to do it right.

Your ideal doctor is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Tons of people mix up the terms plastic and cosmetic surgery, so let’s be clear—they aren’t the same!

A plastic surgeon is someone with a bachelor’s degree, a medical degree, and a completed residency training program that includes 55 cases of cosmetic surgery to graduate. 55 might sound like a lot, but in reality cosmetic surgery represents just 1/6 cases seen by a plastic surgeon resident.

The doctors truly interested in specializing in cosmetic surgery (which covers breast augmentations) take part in an additional fellowship program where they see 300 more cases of cosmetic surgery.

So even among doctors who technically can offer breast augmentations, cosmetic surgeons have already seen 300 more cases by the time they begin operating alone. That’s why it’s important to do your homework — even among cosmetic surgeons there are doctors who further specialize in tummy tucks, liposuction, or breast augmentations.

You wouldn’t go to a cardiologist for an upset stomach (even though technically he could probably help you…maybe), and neither should you settle for a plastic surgeon if you’re interested in a breast augmentation.

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