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Busting 23 Mommy Makeover Myths

Busting 23 Mommy Makeover Myths

Mommy makeovers are an amazing procedure that combines a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation to rejuvenate and refresh hard-working moms. But they’re a little complicated, so it’s hard to find accurate information out there.

Let’s take a look at some of the myths surrounding mommy makeovers—from lipo to tummy tucks to breast augmentations—and find out the truth.

1. Liposuction is a weight loss procedure.

Liposuction is about contouring and shaping areas of hard-to-remove fat after diet and exercise fail. In fact, there’s no way to lose a significant amount of weight with liposuction (safely, anyway).

2. Liposuction can remove cellulite.

Having excessive cellulite actually diminishes the effectiveness of liposuction. Lipo procedures are designed to remove underlying fat deposits, while cellulite sits just below the surface of your skin.

3. Your fat will come back elsewhere after your procedure.

Lipo gets rid of fat cells in a specific part of your body. Your body now has fewer fat cells, so any further weight gain will be distributed through your remaining cells.

Since you likely received lipo in a ‘problem area,’ future weight gain will appear more prominently in other parts of your body—since there are fewer places to store fat where you had lipo.

That’s why it’s so important to exercise and eat right after liposuction, or you could see your results disappear.

4. Liposuction is pain-free.

Liposuction is NOT painless. However, there’s good news—most patients say pain from liposuction is moderate at worst, and subsides after a few weeks. Plus, you’ll be able to go back to work in just a few days after your procedure.

5. There’s an age limit for liposuction.

An older woman who lives a healthy lifestyle may be a better candidate for surgery than a young woman who lives an unhealthy lifestyle.

Age does play a role in how good a candidate you are for surgery, but health is even more important.

Your overall health helps determine how quickly you’ll recover and your ability to avoid medical issues after your surgery. No matter how old you are, it’s best to consult with a surgeon first to determine whether plastic surgery is right for you.

6. You should get liposuction if you’re obese.

Sounds counter-intuitive, but the best liposuction candidates are people who are just slightly overweight—lipo is NOT a weight loss procedure.

7. If you exercise enough, you won’t need a tummy tuck.

Becoming as healthy as possible should always be a priority when you’re considering plastic surgery. But sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough.

Tummy tucks are ideal for patients with stretched skin, since no amount of exercise can fully return your skin to its same elasticity.

8. Tummy tucks help you lose weight.

Tummy tucks—like lipo—are meant to improve the appearance of your body, not help you lose weight.

Tummy tucks remove excess skin and stubborn fat deposits, which weigh much less than you think. You shouldn’t judge the success of your tummy tuck on your scale, but rather in your mirror.

9. Tummy tuck scars are horrible.

Your skin may scar very easily or not at all, but the best way to account for scarring is to choose a competent doctor.

Good surgeons know exactly how to minimize scarring, making sure the new you is as beautiful and attractive as can be.

10. It’s not safe to get pregnant after a tummy tuck.

Pregnancy after a tummy tuck will naturally interfere with your results—by stretching out your skin once more—but there’s nothing unsafe about getting pregnant after your surgery.

11. Everyone can tell that your boobs are fake.

Stick to a size that’s right for your body, and your chest will look natural.

Bigger isn’t always better, and that’s especially true with breast augmentations. Dr. Jones always works with his patients to choose the right size, not the biggest size.

12. Your implants won’t feel like the real thing.

Breast augmentations wouldn’t be so popular if surgeons were using hard, unnatural implants.

Modern silicone and gummy bear implants feel natural, and are starting to blur the line between real breast tissue and artificial implants.

13. You have to replace your implants every 5/10/20 years.

Totally wrong. Unless you have a very rare complication or rupture—or want to go bigger or smaller—your implants are built to last and won’t need regular replacements.

14. Implants burst all the time.

Wrong. About 10% of saline implants will deflate in the first ten years after a breast augmentation, and that number is even lower for silicone implants.

15. You won’t be able to breastfeed with implants.

Not true. If you want to leave the option open for breastfeeding in the future, communicate with Dr. Jones—he’ll help design your procedure to make sure nothing is preventing you from breastfeeding down the road.

16. Breast implants cause mammograms to be inaccurate.

Wrong. Mammograms are actually easier to receive when you have implants.

17. Cup size is the best way to choose your implants.

You know how the same bra size from two different stores can be totally different. That’s why cup size isn’t a reliable way to choose your implants, either.

Dr. Jones will take into your account your own body’s unique shape and tissue composition while planning your procedure, helping you come up with the best size and shape for your body.

18. You won’t be able to feel your nipples after surgery.

Getting very large implants increases the odds you’ll temporarily lose sensation in your nipples. That’s because large implants stretch the nerve endings in your chest. However, you’ll gradually regain sensation as you recover from your procedure.

19. Scarring is a major problem after surgery.

An experienced surgeon will create incisions that will heal to become barely visible after your procedure, and won’t detract from your new body.

20. Your chest will sag after surgery.

Whether you get a breast augmentation or not, your chest will gradually sag as you age—and that’s especially true if you wear a supportive bra, implants or not.

21. Surgeons who perform breast augmentations are creepy.

Bad doctors do exist, but they’re very, very rare. The overwhelming majority of plastic surgeons are totally respectful and professional, Dr. Jones included. These surgeons value patient privacy and trust above all else, and would never try to break that trust.

22. People who get mommy makeovers are vain.

So untrue. Women who come to Dr. Jones for mommy makeovers all share one thing in common—they want to look and feel more confident and more attractive.

It has nothing to do with vanity.

23. Any surgeon can perform a mommy makeover.

Mommy makeovers are becoming more popular every year, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a surgeon just right for your procedure.

You need a trained professional with many years of experience and a total dedication to his patients—someone who answers your questions, makes you feel comfortable, and is truly ready to help you achieve your dream body.

To see the most amazing results, you should choose a board-certified surgeon for your mommy makeover. Dr. Jones is both board-certified and the president of Utah’s State Plastic Surgery Society, meaning he follows the toughest standards of ethics, continuing education, and patient happiness in the state of Utah.

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