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The Facts About Laser Hair Removal Recovery

The Facts About Laser Hair Removal Recovery

Laser hair removal has become an extremely popular alternative to shaving and waxing. It’s faster, less painful and can actually be cheaper in the long run compared to more traditional methods of hair removal.

But is laser hair removal totally safe? Is there a recovery period after the procedure? Read on and find out.

How long does it take to recover from laser hair removal?

Your specific recovery will vary based on how much hair you have removed, and which area of your body is treated. But in general, you’ll be able to return to normal activities immediately.

Laser hair removal is not nearly as stressful for your body as an invasive surgical procedure, which is one of the reasons it’s become so popular.

Bear in mind that most patients will require a handful of procedures spaced several weeks apart to see lasting hair removal, but your ‘recovery’ period will be about the same for each treatment.

Is there any pain after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal does have side effects, but they’re very mild. Swelling and redness are the most common side effects, but should go away within 24 hours of your treatment. Ice, aloe vera creams and anti-inflammatory drugs are all useful to minimize your discomfort.

Most laser hair removal patients say the pain during their first day is no worse than a very mild sunburn—and the pain is much less than that of waxing.

In addition, it’s important that you avoid the sun or at least cover up your treated area for at least a week after your procedure.

What are the risks of laser hair removal?

Complications from laser hair removal are rare, but they can happen from time to time. In extreme cases, you could experience blisters, pigment changes, or even scarring.

One of the best ways to minimize your risk of complications is to choose a competent, certified cosmetic specialist who only uses FDA-approved, safe laser systems.

Choose the right clinic for your laser hair removal.

Choosing a specialist for your laser hair removal isn’t about finding the cheapest price. Doctors and cosmetic specialists who charge the lowest price could also be using the cheapest, least-safe laser systems.

Instead, go with your gut instinct. Choose a professional who makes you feel comfortable, answers your questions, and who’s committed to getting the results you want.

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