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The Facts About Mommy Makeover Recovery

The Facts About Mommy Makeover Recovery

Mommy makeovers are becoming more and more popular as moms across the country are discovering the benefits of combining multiple rejuvenating procedures into one complete package.

But what exactly does a mommy makeover do, and how long does it take to recover from a mommy makeover? Read on to find out.

How long does it take to recover from a mommy makeover?

This question is difficult to answer. A mommy makeover combines 3 separate procedures—liposuction, tummy tuck and breast augmentation—and each person experiences a slightly different recovery process.

The length of your recovery depends on your overall health, the extent of your procedure, and the skill of your plastic surgeon.

While your experience will vary, you should expect to resume normal activities between 4 and 6 weeks after your procedure.

Luckily, by combining these procedures you’ll also combine the recovery periods! (Check out our tips for recovery from breast augmentation)

How do you manage pain after a mommy makeover?

Pain is normal after most surgical procedures, and mommy makeovers are no different.

A mommy makeover significantly alters large parts of your body, and you’ll experience pain as your body heals and adjusts.

To aid with pain and maximize your results, your doctor will probably ask you to wear a compression garment. Use it!

You’ll likely also be prescribed a prescription painkiller for the first few days of your recovery. After a few days, you may switch to an over-the-counter medication, or you may not need any kind of pain relief—everyone experiences pain differently.

What’s a typical recovery like after a mommy makeover?

Again, each recovery is different. In general, you should expect:

  • Day 1-2: You’ll want someone at home to help for the first few days, as pain will be the highest immediately after your procedure.
  • Day 3-4: You may feel up to performing very light activity around the house. You’re encouraged to walk around the house to promote circulation and healing.
  • Day 5: Drainage tubes removed.
  • Day 7: Begin tapering pain medication.
  • Day 14: Incisions should be fully healed—however, you should still avoid placing stress on your incision sites.
  • Day 21: You should still be wearing your compression garment at least half the time, but it’s no longer needed 24/7. By now, most patients stop taking pain medicine.
  • Day 28: Patients with sedentary jobs may be able to return to work—it depends on how you feel!
  • Day 35: Most patients can now return to work. You can also resume most normal activities, except for strenuous exercise.
  • Day 42: By now, much of your scar tissue should begin to relax. Your breasts will begin to regain soften and feel more natural, and swelling should be nearly gone.
  • 6 Months: Skin elasticity normalizes.
  • 1 Year: Scars will be fully healed. You’ll now be able to see your full results.

While it can be frustrating to need weeks off work to recover, remember that a mommy makeover combines 3 substantial procedures. Taken separately, you’d need months to recover, not weeks!

When should you seek medical attention after a mommy makeover?

Complications after plastic surgery are uncommon, especially when you choose a highly experienced surgeon. However, you should seek medical help immediately if you experience the following:

  • Signs of infection, such as pus or yellowish-green drainage from incision sites, or fever
  • Increasing redness near your incisions
  • Pain that increases or doesn’t go away, even when taking pain relievers
  • Loss of sensation or mobility
  • Feeling faint or short of breath
  • Bleeding that can’t be stopped with light pressure
  • Incisions re-opening
  • Strange lumps in your breasts
  • ‘Deflated’ breasts

These complications are rare. Your surgeon will work with you to make sure your procedure and recovery are as safe as possible.

What’s the next step?

Undergoing any surgical procedure is a big decision, especially a combined procedure like a mommy makeover. It’s critical to choose a doctor who’ll be your partner, making the whole process safe and simple.

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