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8 Neck Lift Myths, and Why They’re Wrong

8 Neck Lift Myths, and Why They’re Wrong

Curious about a neck lift, but aren’t sure what the next step is? Not sure what a neck lift even is?

There’s a lot of bad information making its way around the internet. So let’s set the record straight. Time to dispel of few of these rumors, once and for all.

1. Neck lifts stop the aging process.

Unfortunately, no procedure on the planet can stop the march of time. While neck lifts are great at fixing signs of aging in your upper neck, over time those results may diminish as your body ages.

That said, you also shouldn’t think of neck lifts as a procedure you’ll need over and over again! By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can extend the life of your results for years and years.

2. Neck lifts leave very noticeable scars.

Not unless you visit an inexperienced surgeon.

Good surgeons know exactly how to hide incision scars, making your new appearance look as natural as possible. Not only that, but the attention to detail provided by a professional means your results will last even longer!

3. Only older people get neck lifts.

People can begin to show signs of aging in their necks as early as their 30s or 40s. There’s no need to wait—if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your neck, you’re probably a good candidate for a neck lift.

You can start looking younger whenever you want; there’s no age restriction.

4. Only women get neck lifts.

Wrong again. Every year we see an increasing number of men opting for plastic surgery, many of whom undergo neck lifts. Most people have heard of male breast reduction, but the average person has no idea that men get essentially most of the same procedures women do. Except breast augmentations….for obvious reasons.

There’s no longer a stigma attached to plastic surgery for men, so don’t worry about what’s ‘normal.’ It’s all about you and what you want.

5. Neck lifts cost a fortune.

You’d be surprised at the average cost of most plastic surgery procedures. The average patient isn’t ultra-rich, or even rich—plastic surgery is within reach to most average American families.

6. Neck lifts are for vain people.

Just about everyone on the planet wants to feel great about themselves, so it’s a little silly to call plastic surgery recipients ‘vain.’

Choosing to correct features you’re unhappy with is a brave decision you should be applauded for. There’s nothing negative about it.

7. Neck lifts must be performed under general anesthesia.

While general anesthesia is much safer than it sounds, many patients are still afraid of it. Fortunately, neck lifts may only require only local anesthesia—you’ll be awake for the procedure, but without the pain.

Your surgeon will help you understand the pros and cons of each, and allow you to choose the best option for your surgery.

8. Neck lifts are much simpler than full facelifts, so any surgeon can do it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, neck lifts are complex procedures that require an attention to detail and years of experience to perform perfectly.

You need a surgeon able to dedicate his time and full focus to providing the best care possible for your neck lift, answering all of your questions and helping you understand what to expect at every step of the way.

And the best way to choose the right surgeon is to look for a board-certification.

Board-certified surgeons know exactly how to minimize your risk and maximize your results. Not only is Dr. Jones board-certified, he’s also the president of the Utah State Plastic Surgery Society, meaning he’s beholden to the highest standards of patient care, continuing education and ethics in the state of Utah.

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