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8 Tummy Tuck Myths, and Why They’re So Wrong

8 Tummy Tuck Myths, and Why They’re So Wrong

Thinking about getting a tummy tuck? There are a ton of myths floating around right now about this incredible procedure, which are scaring away people from a potentially life-altering experience. So what are the facts?

Let’s take a look.

1. If you exercise enough, you won’t need a tummy tuck.

It’s important to realize that diet and exercise are a great first step towards your ideal body. In fact, you should always strive to be as healthy as possible before considering cosmetic surgery.

However, exercise isn’t always enough. Stretched skin, for example, will never fully return to normal. A tummy tuck is ideal for people wishing to remove that last stubborn bit of excess fat and skin stopping them from achieving their ideal bodies.

2. Only women get tummy tucks.

Tummy tucks are more common for women, but that doesn’t mean guys aren’t getting them, too.

More men every year are turning to plastic surgery, especially abdominoplasty. The abdomen is one of the biggest problem areas for men right next to male breast reduction, it’s also one that’s difficult to improve solely with exercise and a good diet.

Great surgeons perform tummy tucks on both men and women, and know exactly how to create the masculine form you’re after.

3. Tummy tucks help you lose weight.

Tummy tucks are not a weight loss procedure. The goal of a tummy tuck is to improve the shape and appearance of your body, not reduce the number on your bathroom scale.

During a tummy tuck, your surgeon is primarily removing excess loose skin and fat—tissues which weigh relatively little. With that said, don’t judge the success of your procedure based on your scale. Judge success based on how you look.

4. You’re too old to have a tummy tuck.

All people considering plastic surgery should be in generally good health before a surgeon approves their procedure. That says nothing of your age, however.

Even if you feel you’re too old to consider an abdominoplasty, it’s worth having a chat with an experienced doctor to discuss your options. If you’re in great health and ready to move forward, don’t let your age stop you.

5. Tummy tuck scars are horrible.

Scarring depends on a number of factors. Your skin may scar easily or be incredibly scar-resistant—that’s out of your control. But you can control the other most important factor, which is your surgeon’s skill.

Experienced surgeons know how to reduce scarring as much as possible, ensuring your new body looks as sleek and attractive as possible.

6. Tummy tucks are the same as liposuction.

Sometimes, tummy tucks are combined with liposuction to shape and contour the abdomen. However, liposuction alone is only meant to remove unwanted fat, and do nothing to correct excess skin.

Not to mention liposuction has it’s own set of myths all of it’s own.

For patients looking to shape their abdomen after rapid weight loss or pregnancy, a tummy tuck is often the way to go.

7. It’s not safe to get pregnant after a tummy tuck.

There’s nothing dangerous about getting pregnant after a tummy tuck, but there’s a reason surgeons recommend waiting until you’re finished having kids before you get the procedure. That’s because your next pregnancy could stretch out your skin again, requiring another surgery.

8. Any surgeon can perform a tummy tuck.

Nearly any plastic surgeon you meet should be able to conduct a tummy tuck, but that doesn’t mean you should trust just any doctor with your procedure.

Only an expert with extensive training, experience, and a dedication to serving his patients can get truly great results.

That’s why you should choose a board-certified surgeon (like Dr. Jones) for your tummy tuck—the easiest way to minimize your risk of complications and ensure you get the best care. Plus, Dr. Jones is the president of the Utah State Plastic Surgery Society, which means he adheres to the strictest standards of education, ethics and patient satisfaction in the state of Utah.

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