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9 Botox Myths, Busted

9 Botox Myths, Busted

Botox is an extremely common surgical procedure, and it produces results far, far better than what you see in celebrity gossip magazines.

For normal people like you and I, Botox is great for smoothing out unwanted wrinkles and rejuvenating aged skin. So let’s dive in and dispel some ugly Botox myths, and find out the truth.

1. Everyone can tell you had Botox done.

This might be true in some cases—such as when patients see incompetent, untrained doctors for Botox treatments.

That’s why it’s so critical to do research beforehand on who the most skilled, trustworthy doctors are in your area.

By choosing a true expert, your Botox treatment will produce natural-looking results.

2. You should start getting Botox only when you have noticeable wrinkles.

Actually, the best time to undergo Botox treatment is before your wrinkles start bothering you. By looking at Botox as a kind of ‘preventative maintenance’ for your skin, you’ll have an easier time smoothing out unwanted wrinkles.

The opposite also holds true—waiting too long to get Botox might mean you can’t get the exact results you want, since wrinkle lines are more stubbornly etched into your skin.

3. You’re never too young to start Botox.

While Botox is best used as a preventative treatment, that doesn’t mean you should start getting injections as soon as you’re old enough to drive to the doctor’s office.

Botox works best (and is safest) on women who are at least in their 20s.

4. People who get Botox are vain.

This is just plain silly. Is it vain to want to feel younger and more confident?

If so, just about every person on the planet is ‘vain.’ Botox has helped countless men and women achieve a higher quality of life over the years, and there’s nothing vain about that.

5. Botox is dangerous.

The ‘tox’ in Botox stands for toxin, which makes it sound dangerous.

But rest assured that Botox is FDA-approved—and millions of people have undergone Botox treatment over the years.

Fact is, there’s nothing to fear from Botox when used in the hands of a competent, board-certified doctor.

6. Botox is only for wrinkles.

Botox injections are mainly used for wrinkle treatment, but that doesn’t mean Botox is only for wrinkles.

Botox is able to reduce muscle tension in problem areas, making it an effective migraine treatment. It’s even used as a temporary treatment for excessive sweating.

7. Stopping your Botox treatments will make wrinkles much worse.

Not true! If one day you decide to stop your Botox treatments, you won’t magically wake up the next morning looking terrible.

Gradually, your wrinkles will return to normal. After that you’ll continue to develop wrinkles at a normal rate.

8. Botox is only for women.

More and more men are getting Botox every year as the stigma of male plastic surgery disappears.

For men, Botox works wonders at reducing wrinkles and rolling back the clock—just like it does for women.

9. Botox is so simple, any doctor can do it.

Botox is a pretty common procedure, but that doesn’t mean any surgeon can do it right.

And to get it right the first time, you need a doctor with the skills, training and experience to plan for your own unique procedure.

To make sure you’re getting the best, safest, friendliest care possible, you have to choose a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Jones. Not only is Dr. Jones board-certified, he’s also the president of Utah’s State Plastic Surgery Society.

That means he adheres to the toughest standards of patient care in the state of Utah, always making your and your needs number one.

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