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9 Lip Augmentation Myths, Busted

9 Lip Augmentation Myths, Busted

Lip augmentations are procedures designed to produce fuller, sexier lips, and most often use dermal fillers to achieve that goal. But there’s a lot of confusion about exactly what a lip augmentation is, and what is does.

Let’s dispel a few of those most common myths, and get to the bottom of what makes lip augmentations so popular.

1. Lip augmentations are irreversible.

The most common dermal fillers used in lip augmentations are made of hyaluronic acid, and are totally reversible.

Of course, you may want a more permanent solution. Your surgeon can also conduct a permanent lip augmentation, meaning you won’t need to return periodically to the office.

2. Fillers stretch and deflate your lips.

Your lips have a very, very small space available to accommodate dermal fillers. Don’t get the impression that you’ll somehow inject far too much and wake up the next morning looking hideous.

The skin covering your lips (and the muscles underneath) are very resilient, and won’t be stretched by your dermal fillers.

3. Fillers leave permanent bumps.

Fillers sometimes do produce small bumps, which can either be felt on the inside of your lip or visible outside. However, when your procedure is conducted by an experienced cosmetic specialist, you have nothing to fear—the bumps will disappear in just a couple days.

4. Lip augmentation causes permanent scarring.

As long as you stick with FDA-approved dermal fillers, it’s extremely unlikely you will ever experience scarring from your lip augmentation. Issues tend to arise when you choose unprofessional cosmetic centers who use cheaper fillers.

FDA-approved hyaluronic dermal fillers get results—and more importantly, they’re very safe.

5. Fillers increase your risk of cold sores.

Dermal fillers are totally sterile—people who have a history of cold sores are simply more likely to experience them after a procedure, since a lip augmentation puts stress on your lips.

Let your surgeon know if you have a history of cold sores so he or she can incorporate that information into your surgical plan.

6. Lip augmentations leave you with ‘duck lips.’

Dermal fillers do not directly cause duck lips, except for two cases: when women explicitly want that look, and when inexperienced doctors perform lip augmentations.

When you’re considering a lip augmentation, discuss with your doctor exactly the kind of look you desire, and you’ll steer clear of those duck lips.

7. Lip injections are painful.

On the pain scale, lip injections should rarely exceed ‘mild discomfort.’ Even though your lips are a sensitive area, the procedure is relatively minor and you shouldn’t expect intense pain.

8. Once you start on lip filler treatment, you’ll have to continue for life.

False. If you don’t like how your new lips look, simply stop coming in for treatments. Gradually your lips will return to their old size and shape as the filler dissipates. There’s nothing addictive about fillers, and you won’t get hurt or look bad if you stop.

9. Any doctor can perform a lip augmentation.

Lip augmentations are relatively simple and quick as far as cosmetic procedures go, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can do it well.

To see the best possible results, you need to choose a trained professional with many years of experience, someone who puts patient care first, who takes the time to answer all of your questions and make you feel comfortable.

Your best bet is choosing a board-certified surgeon. Lip augmentations performed by a board-certified surgeon (like Dr. Jones) are just plain safer and achieve better results. Dr. Jones is also the president of the Utah State Plastic Surgery Society, meaning he follows the toughest standards for continuing education, ethics, and patient happiness in the state of Utah.

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