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5 Breast Augmentation Mistakes Made Worse By Bad Surgeons

5 Breast Augmentation Mistakes Made Worse By Bad Surgeons

We already discussed how to find a great doctor and what a great doctor can do for you.

This next topic might be a bit uncomfortable. Here, we’re going to look at ways bad doctors can ruin your body and your dreams of a better you.

So, if you still think that all surgeons are created equal…keep reading.

Disclaimer: Many of these complications could possibly happen even with the best surgeon. Every body and procedure has little variations that can cause difficulties down the road. But the chance of these errors happening is multiplied by choosing an incompetent doctor.

1. Surgeon Screw-Up: Permanent Loss of Sensation

Most patients experience slight, temporary loss of feeling in their nipples and breasts immediately following a surgery. But when days turn into weeks, it’s a problem.

Inexperienced surgeons are more likely to damage or sever the nerves in your breasts when conducting your augmentation. Unlike pro doctors, they only care about the end result — if the implants are in your chest, the operation was a “success.”

Yeah, right.

2. Doctor Debacle: Lopsided Boobs

Cheap and fast doctors are also careless doctors. They under – or overestimate the size needed to balance out your breasts before the surgery, and could wind up with vastly different implants waiting to be inserted in your chest.

Is your left breast a tiny bit smaller than your right one? Then maybe your doctor discussed using a bigger implant on the left side. But then, maybe he forgot during the surgery. You know, little details like that are hard to keep track of.

The end result of those careless little mistakes is that your wake up with uneven, unattractive boobs.

3. Consultation Con: Telling You What You Want To Hear, Not What You Need To Hear

Yes, your boob job is about you. You get to decide how big, when, where…basically everything about your procedure.

At the same time, it’s your doctor’s duty to warn you of any complications or difficulties that might come up because of your requests — especially complications from going too big.

Some women have teeny tiny frames and simply look strange with massive breasts. If your doctor urges you to go as big as possible without your feedback, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Not only that, but it’s possible your body just doesn’t have enough skin to cover large implants, making any type of movement painful until your skin stretches—slowly—over time.

4. Operation Oversight: Breast Rippling and Implant Rotation / Deflation / Migration

None of the above are pleasant.

Breast rippling happens when your surgeon doesn’t properly fill your implants. Since they aren’t full, your implants can become deformed and cause your skin to wrinkle on the surface.

Rotation of the implant refers to the movement of natural “tear drop” inserts. When surgeons don’t make enough room to contain the implant, they can rotate—sometimes completely backwards — drastically changing the shape of your chest.

When your implants are low quality, they can be full of tiny holes and tears. Over time — but sometimes as fast as a couple days — the implants can leak their entire contents into your body, deflating and folding in on themselves and causing great embarrassment.

Also related to leakage are siliconomas, which can happen when silicone implants leak. The silicone can clump together into tiny lumps in the muscles around your breast, armpit, and arms. Though usually benign, sometimes these clumps can become tender or painful and must be removed.

Last, migration can happen if you decide to go a few sizes too big. The pressure of your breast tissue and skin squeezing on the implant causes it to move—often away from each other—creating the dreaded, spread out, unnatural look of many breast augmentations.

5. Recovery Rarity: Implant Extrusions

What is an implant extrusion?

It’s what happens when your surgeon uses implants that are way too big for you — and your skin just can’t hold up against the strain.

Yes — “implant extrusion” which means that your stitches have torn open and your implants are trying to escape through the incision site.

If that sounds like a horror story or an urban legend, think again. Reckless and unskilled doctors increase the chance of extrusions happening to your chest because they think “bigger is better” instead of “healthy is better.”


Breast augmentation is a big decision and finding the right surgeon is imperative to mitigate the common mistakes and risks that go along with the procedure.

Click here for more information on how you can find the right cosmetic surgeon for you, and click here to educate yourself on how to spot a bad one.

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